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We are here to share the knowledge and love we have for the Sunshine State with you guys our readers.

Here at Florida Wanderers, we love to share a mix of romantic getaways as well as camping in Florida.

Because life is all about balance.

So if you have ever wondered

👉 Where are the best romantic getaways in Florida?

👉 Where are the most romantic spots to propose in Florida?

👉 The best camping spots in Florida?

Well, you are in the right spot. We share everything you would want to know about a couple travel to the state of Florida.

We love our state and when we are not busy working our 9 to 5 jobs or working on this website, we are busy traveling around trying to find the best new spots for you guys our readers.

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John and Megan standing in front of a taco restaurant

A classic tale of two strangers meeting from across the country to spend the next chapter living the luxury yacht dream. To chase the sun, sail the high seas and travel to the world’s best destinations….

Well, something like that. They met almost a decade ago at a basic training course to learn how to live and work onboard luxury vessels. Where do you go for that? The Venice of America. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After several years of small to minimum communication, the stars aligned and somehow they both found themselves back in South East Florida at the same time. 

After a few lunch dates and some questionable train rides the path was set and the “together” journey began.

All it took was a small conversation about John’s truck and the holidays/weekends had a new meaning and purpose. 

Megan Grew up in California, LA to be exact. This is where she found her love for the sun, sand, and surf.

Her mom being a travel junkie seems to have planted the seed early.

She started to see the world and culture abroad from a young age. After attending Chico State to study international Economics, she got a job at a top 4 consulting firm. 

However, she quickly learned that this life was not for her.

She decided to take a year off and found herself managing a beach/surf resort in Costa Rica. 

Like most, one year turned into 6 and the world became her oyster. But something was leading her to Florida

She now spends her days working on this blog and traveling Florida, always on the hunt for the latest and greatest places.

Girl with pina colada in front of the ocean
Man eating tacos sitting on the street with graffiti in the beackground

John was raised in a small town in the mid-west, Chicago.

Much like Megan, he was able to experience much of what the US had to offer taking trips with his cousins and Grandfather to a new location every spring break.

Before he was 18 he had over 7 stamps in his passport.Several countries, states and jobs later he made it to Florida to start his journey working on yachts.

Sail and _______ were always his passion so this the change he needed.

Ending his career in yachting as a Chief Officer and Medical Person in Charge he has now been drying out at home in Fort Lauderdale.

Working somewhat normal hours in the medical field has opened up a life for him to start sharing his love for travel and adventure.

After several years of small to minimum communication, the stars aligned and somehow they both found themselves back in South East Florida at the same time. 

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