Travel Resources

After spending 8 years living and traveling around Florida. We have become travel experts on everything Florida, and the best way to travel and save money.

Here are some of our favorite ways to travel around Florida and some of our favorite travel gadgets we can’t live without.

Best Ways To Save On Accommodation

Booking – We love booking our last-minute hotels with they always have deals on the best hotels

Expedia – Another great site we love is Expedia, we check it for car rentals when we don’t want to put miles on the truck.

Our Favorite Tour Company’s

Viator – We love this company. They always have so many tours to choose from and offer 24 hour cancellation on most tours in case anything comes up and you have to cancel.

Our Favorite Travel Gadgets

Travel Towels – We never go anywhere without these. They are so easy to throw in a day bag and are quick to dry. Make a great addition to any outdoor adventure we decide to take.

Car Dust Buster – We love our car dust buster, it helps us keep the back of our truck so clean when we are camping. It works great on pet hair as well.