White Sandy Beaches of Pensacola with boardwalk leading up to the beach

Best Places to Elope in Florida

Are you planning on skipping the hassle and drama that come with a stressful wedding? Trying to organize everything, make everyone happy, and spend your life savings on just one day.

Why not make your life easier and just elope?

Florida is known as the sunshine state and is the perfect USA location to hit up any time of year. We have put together a list of the best places to Elope in Florida.

Not only is Florida the perfect romantic getaway, but it is also the perfect place to come and elope. So if you are looking to elope in Florida then you are in the right place.

Eloping was originally defined as running away to get married, without parental consent.

However, now of days and is becoming more and more popular with any couple just wanting not to have to deal with the stress of having a wedding.

Because at the end of the day, all that really matters is that you and your partner are happy.

Top 11 Places to Elope in Florida

Lounge Chairs with bright green sun Umbrellas on the sandy beach of Miami

1. Sandy Beaches of Miami

A beach wedding? With places like South Beach or Key Biscayne, you can enjoy the warmth of the south Florida sun with sand between your toes.

On the beach, in the art district or the center of downtown, you will find your perfect back drop for your wedding.

With a list of to-dos after the I-dos your first time together as a couple together will be more than memorable, it will be the start of your life adventure together.

Parasailing, snorkeling or even a boat rental will get you on the water with a new perspective for your love for each other.

When it’s time to slow the pace down and indulge in other romantic activities in South Florida, such as a sunset sail or dinner at one of many fantastic restaurants Miami has to offer.

Picture of Harry Potter castle in Harry Potter World

2. The Theme Parks of Orlando

One of my best friends made a character drawing while he was proposing to his now-wife at Disney.  It is where dreams are made and born. So there is no better place in Florida to Elope than at one of the many theme parks.

When you enter Disney World, magic and excitement are in the air. You can’t help but smile reliving some classic animated movie moments. It takes you back to a time when you were a kid.

You two will be reliving your childhood hand in hand as you walk the grounds of what will become your most memorable and favorite theme park. Whether it be Disney, Harry Potter World, or Epcot the choice is yours.

During your elope, you can enjoy a Safari tour at the Animal Kingdom, a waterpark, or even more romantic spots within the theme parks, such as Cinderella’s Castle or the World Showcase Lagoon.

Water Fountain in Front of famous building in Saint Augustine

3. The Historic City of St. Augustine

St Augustine is a town full of history. Over 400 years of history to be exact. Being the oldest city in the USA.

The downtown is right across from the fort (Castillo de San Marcos) set in along side Matanzas river.

Sit along the beautiful shore with a packed lunch, bottle of wine and share stories of how you fell in love with each other in this picturesque wedding sight. It is the perfect spot in Floirda to elope.

Downtown has beautiful streets made of cobblestone that bend and turn around classic architecture filled with small local shops and restaurants.

A tour around downtown with in a horse-drawn carriage will make you and your love feel like you stepped out of a fairy tale.

Visit some of the city’s most romantic spots, such as the Castillo de San Marcos or the Bridge of Lions 3.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this city.

4. Private Islands of Florida, Little Palm Island

Located in the Florida Keys sits America’s only private island resort. This is an adult-only escape where privacy and luxury are required.

With a classic West Indian vibe and thatched roof bungalow, you will be in true paradise.

Wake up and bask in the sun or take an adventure paddle boarding, snorkeling, dolphin encounters, or a fishing trip.

With no TVs or phones in the room, this is the best way to plug unplug and reconnect with each other. While you celebrate your elopement.

You will be able to give your love the time and attention you always have wanted with the small distractions from the world left behind.

There is also world-class dining options and an Indoor/outdoor spa set in this idea of a fairy tale you will be sure to escape in this tropical getaway.

Picture of sand trap and green on golf course in Florida

5. One of Florida’s Many Golf Courses

North, East, South or West you will be able to find a beautiful backdrop for your special moment. If you are not too keen on getting married on the beach, eloping in Florida on a golf course is a great option.

There are over 1,00o golf courses in Florida to choose from. With beautifully manicured lawns, on the beach or inland, any clubhouse can become your special chapel.

This idea is not a bogie, you and your lover can tee up the location and hit a hole-in-one.

Tall trees with spanish moss hanging from them

6. Romantical Farms in Ocala

Ocala is the equestrian mecca in Florida. From romantic horse-drawn carriage tours to glamping locations, you will find your nature meets nurture destination.

The perfect place to elope in Florida for nature lovers.

During the day you will enjoy the friendly people who are visiting or the lucky locals that call Marion county their home.

Take lessons or trail rides on one of the many working ranches. If you are not sure where to go, make sure you take the Farm Tour.

You will get views of the expansive grounds that host many events and boarding of some of the world’s best horses. You will know you have the right one when you say I do.

Two poeple scuba diving in Ginnie Springs

7. Peaceful Freshwater Springs in Ginnie Springs

When you think about Florida you might only think of a beach-dotted coastline with tropical drinks.

However, Ginnie Springs is a hidden gem inside the sunshine state. With seven beautiful crystal clear natural spring pools the abundance of sea life is clear.

Rent or bring your own gear and dive in. Swim with the turtles, catfish, and bass. Or you can sit back and relax while you float down the river.

Winding down the day at the campgrounds. You and Bae can have a riverfront view or pull into one of the many site locations. It is a great spot to elope if you are looking for something completely lowkey.

They have grills and picnic tables at each campsite, to cook your own meals.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just say I Do.

White Sandy Beaches of Pensacola with boardwalk leading up to the beach

8. Powdery White Sand Beaches in Pensacola

Florida is known for its beaches. But if you want to find the real sugar sand you must check out Pensacola. It is perfect for a romantic elopement on the beach.

With over 5 miles of sandy coastline, you will enjoy a walk and talk with your love.

Having the water right there is a great way to cool off as the conversation starts to heat up.

There are several beachfront options for places to stay that will make your getaway memorable.

With plenty of life downtown, you will be sure to enjoy the after-party celebration with the locals.

Old school feel of Ybor city

9. Oldschool Charm of Ybor City

Just in the shadow of Tampa sits Ybor city. Once known as the “Cigar capital of the world” for its abundance of Cuban cigars.

Today it hasn’t lost it’s Cuban influence and has amazing historic charm.

There is great Cuban and Latin influence not just in the food but in the small shops and boutiques.

You will be sure to enjoy the colors and culture of Downtown. Celebrate your big day dancing in the street and expanding your pallet. A fun-filled spot to elope.

The nightlife will sweep you off your feet and I’m sure you will be dancing the night away.

You might feel like you have left the states and added a stamp to your passport but are only a short ride/flight from home.

10. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens of Sarasota

Shelby Gardens host over 40 acres of beautiful landscape.

With a tropical conservatory, you will be amazed by the bromeliads and lush orchids housed in one of the 8 greenhouses.

The banyan groves, bamboo gardens, butterfly Garden and the always classic Koi pond are just a few sites you might want to elope in.

Their beauty, plus the love you have for each other will make this day more special than you can imagine.

These breathtaking sites will be romantic and magical as you walk around taking in incredible nature.

The Spanish Point Campus will be decorated with native flora and historic landmarks. With views looking over Little Sarasota bay the sunset will melt your heart just like bae.

11. The Breakers Palm Beach Hotel in West Palm Beach

A truly elegant and historic resort is The Breakers Resort Palm Beach. All guests will have tailored service to make this an exceptional experience.

The Breakers has 4 chic pools, six whirlpool spas and an adult-only infinity pool. Grab a bungalow or chaise lounge and let the sun and relaxation set in you will know that paradise exists.

What better relaxing way to spend your elopement?

Pamper yourself with a spa day or hit a round of golf at the oldest course in Florida. Cross over the bridge and you will be sure to find some great fun and food walking Clematis St.

It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Cost benefits of Eloping in Florida

Weddings can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. All the planning and the money spent and the day is gone is the blink of an eye. Eloping in Florida can be a great way to save money and put it towards something more meaningful, like a house.

Not only do you save money by eloping, but as stress and time. Weddings can be very time-consuming unless you have a wedding planner, which is also very expensive. Why not make the day about just the two of you and elope?

Also, eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have your friends and family there, it just means you don’t have to invite everyone you know. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Save money by not having to have a massive venue, spending thousands on a dress, and feeding hundreds of people.

Eloping in Florida is a great way to save money and spend the money on just you two.


Eloping can be a great way to get the wedding of your dreams without the stress and hassle of having to invite everyone you know. Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you can’t invite any of your friends and family, its just keeping the numbers down.

Picking the right location to elope can be a challenge, but we hope that you found this list on the best places to elope in Florida useful and that it has narrowed in down your choices.

Once you pick a location you can start booking flights, hotels, and things that you want to do while you elope.

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