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Fun Camping Activities For Rainy Days: Ideas To Keep You Entertained!

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Camping is a fun activity and a great way to reconnect with nature and unplug for our day to day lives.

There is something about sleeping under the stars and cooking all your meals over a camp fire that replenishes the body and soul.

However, the one thing we can’t rely on is mother nature.

Rainy days stuck at home are the worst, but at least you are in your own environment to entertain yourself.

But, what activities can you do in the rain when you are camping and it is raining? rainy day camping activities for adults

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether you are planning ahead for the potential of rainy days on your camping trip or you are reading this from your tent while it is pouring rain.

We have some great rainy day camping activities for adults and family that will keep you entertained and dry.

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Preparing For Rainy Weather On Your Camping Trip

Preparing for rainy weather on your camping trip, is always a good idea. Because the weather is one thing we never really can predict, but we can plan for it so having the appropriate rain gear is key.

You are going to want to ensure that you have the right equipment and rain gear for your trip.

It is also a smart idea if you are tent camping to ensure you have a waterproof tent and a tarp to go over your tent.

When it comes to the rain and wanting to stay dry, you can never be too safe. Like they say, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Best Rainy-Day Camping Activities For Adults

Let’s start out with some fun activities for rainy days, when you are able to plan ahead and bring a few extra items on your camping trip.

These activities are not only great for rainy days, but will also help you to disconnect for technology and enjoy each others company.

random board game pieces

1. Play a Board Game

Nothing like a good old board game to keep us entertained when it is raining. Amazon has some great roll-up board games that are perfect for two players and don’t take up too much space.

From backgommon, chess or checkers. If space isn’t an issue there are many more to choose from. Bringing a game or two can help to pass the time until the weather gets better.

assorted face cards from a deck of cards

2. Play Card Games

You should never go camping without a set of playing cards. The amount of games you can play with them is endless. Whether it is just you and your partner, the family, or your meet more campers and want to be entertained.

Playing cards are always a great idea.

Not sure what to play. Here are some card games with links to the rules to get you started

  • Solitar (1)
  • Spit (2)
  • War (2)
  • Slap Jack (2)
  • Crazy 8’s (2)
  • Gin Rummie ( 2 +)
  • Kings (3)
  • Hearts ( 4)
  • Spades (4)
  • Poker (2+)
  • Blackjack (2+)

3. Play Uno

They say the best way to test your relationship is to sit down and play a game of Uno. Find out if your partner cheats, how they handle winning and losing and just test their temperament.

Uno is a great game to play with two people, but it also a great game because you can play with fellow campers as well. You can also try spicy uno to step it up a notch.

pen and paper on a wood table

Pen and Paper games

These fun games wont take up much room inside your camping pack. With just a pen or pencil and a pad of paper you can stay busy for hours. Its time to get creative with these classics.

3. Hangman

Pick a topic, choose a subject, and let the guessing begin. Letter by letter try to solve the puzzle. Draw a stick figure, one body part at a time with each letter guessed that is not in the puzzle.

If you need more guesses just remember 10 fingers, 10 toes, eyes, mouth and nose 😉

4. Pictionary

Get creative and let out your inner artist with this rainy-day camping classic. Try and etch out a picture while getting your drawing interpreted by your fellow campers.

5. Dots

Create a board using lines of spaced-out dots. Once you create the gride each player will get to make one line, except diagonal, connecting dots.

When your line can complete a full square mark it with your initial and make another line. Get as many boxes as possible with leaving as few for your opponent.

5. Tic-tac-toe

I don’t think this one needs any explanation.

A question mark made of words

Word Games

6. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet game is a fun game to play in good or bad weather. It is easy to play with just two people or more.

Pick a subject and start with the letter A, go through the alphabet naming something that starts with the letter A, than the next person has to remember that thing plus say something with the following letter.
Keep going until someone messes up or can’t remember an item.

7. 20 Questions

One person selects an object, person, place, or thing. The other person tries to guess what they are thinking of. You can ask them 20 Yes/No questions, and hopefully find out what they were thinking.

8. Play Truth or Dare

This can be a fun game no matter what age you are. Go ahead and really get to know your camping buddies, or dare them to run out naked in the rain.

9. Play “I’m Going on a Picnic…”

You start with the phrase “I’m going to a picnic ” and then say whatever you would want to bring.

Be funny or bazaar and enjoy it.

The next person has to repeat your item and create their own. Keep going until someone forgets something that is coming to the picnic.

Old video camera and clap board, grey scale

10. Watch A Good Camping Movie

Now of days, almost everyone has a smartphone or ipad that they can stream movies from.

This might not be how you imagined spending your camping trip, but if the weather is not cooperating sometimes we have no choice.

But if you are going to watch a movie, might as well make it a camping movie. Here are some great ideas if you are lost on what to watch.

  • Backcountry
  • Adams Family Values
  • Great Outdoors
  • Camp Nowhere
  • Wet Hot American Summer
  • The Parent Trap
  • Troop Bevelry Hills

11. Read Or Listen To A Good Camping Book

Why not embrace the good outdoors with a good book or audio book. If you left your book at home, why not put an audiobook on and listen to it with your camping buddy.

Reading or listening to a book is a great way to spark the imagination rather than wathing a movie.

It gets the creative juices flowing as you are the one painting the picture in your head. Not sure what to read or listen to. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Wild
  • Into The Wild
  • The Hatchet
  • Into Thin Air
  • Nowhere For Very Long
open book, mug and canteen with a camera on a blanket

12. Plan Your Next Camping Trip

We know you love outdoor adventures and try to make the most out of each camping experience so why not take this downtime to plan you next trip.

Think of all next adventures to come but always remember what brought you here.

We always tend to plan more trips than we have time for.

13. Organize Your Photos

Trust me, we are guilty of this. We have 1,000 of camping and vacation photos that are not in order. It is always on the list, but never gets done.

Rainy days or airplane rides are great for organizing your photos when you have nothing better to do.

14. Take a Nap

Take a nap and enjoy the sounds of nature. Don’t let a little light rain ruin your camping trip, use this time to catch up on your zzzs. Nothing beats an afternoon nap with the sound of rain hitting the tent.

Hopefully when you wake the rainy day will be over and you can go on with your normal camping activities.

15. Dance In The Rain

So far we have talked about all the things to do to avoid the rain, but why not embrace it. Get out there go for that hike, swim, kayak or plain and simple just get out there and dance in the rain.

The rain will not hurt you, now if it is cold and you have no way to warm up, maybe best to stay dry. But why not embrace the day nature is giving you? After all, that is what camping is all about.

inside view of a tent, looking out

So what rainy day camping activities do we like to do?

You can see that when the wet weather creates a rainy camping trip you can still have fun.

There are plenty of rainy day camping activities that help the time pass but it also helps with quality time together.

We enjoy a little tent picnic sometimes listening to music and having a sing-along or just the rain on top of the truck.

Find a cozy spot, bunch up your sleeping bag, and enjoy this fun experience. Who knows, you might not even pay attention to when the rain stops.

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