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Fun Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale When It Rains

You had a beautiful beach vacation all planned out but the Sunshine State isn’t living up to its name.

What if the weatherman was wrong and it is raining the entire day?

Planning a trip to South Florida in the rainy season can be somewhat of a gamble. You never know if you are going to have a week of sunshine or a week of rain.

If you are unfortunate enough to come when it is wet, what to do in Fort Lauderdale when it rains?

There are several things you can do to pass your day, while you are waiting for the weather to turn. After living in Fort Lauderdale for the last two we have gotten crafty on how we spend our time when it rains.

We thought we would share with you some creative ideas to not ruin your vacation or rainy day in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t worry, we are not going to drag you in and out of department stores, shopping centers or the Broward Mall.

We have come up with a list of some indoor fun to help you wash away the rainy day blues.

12 Creative Ways To Spend Your Rainy Day In Fort Lauderdale

Friends with beer toasting in a pub

1. Funky Buddha Brewing


Serving drinks in South Florida since 2010 Funky Buddha Brewing was looking for something new.

Breaking the normal taste and influence around standard American beers they have created exceptional-yet-unconventional drafts.

From a “childhood” favorite of a crust PB&J brown ale to the “morning in a glass” Maple Bacon Coffee Porter you will be sure to be thankful for their amazing contributions.

Inside you will find plenty of fun things to do. From large sitting tables and board games to the in-door game room.

Play darts, bags, giant Jenga and some of your other favorite yard games while exploring some craft beers.

You can also book a tour to learn all about the brewing process for a measly $10.

Two people in a indoor skydiving tunnel, floating in the air holding hands

2. Indoor Sky Diving

Bringing the outdoors inside! This is a cool way to try out a new adventure without jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

When you sign up you will get all the instructions you need from basic safety and stabilization to controlling your wings (body).

Feel weightless and free when you make your first flight.

This is such a rush you might have just found your new hobby on a rainy day.

4.5/5 ⭐️ on Viator ⏳ 2 Tunnel Dives

3. Museum Of Discovery And Science

In the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale across from the Broward Center of the Performing Arts this will always bring you back to your childhood memories.

With hands-on exhibits, you will use your mind and senses to unlock nature.

You will be sure to enjoy the walk-through time as you visit the transitions that have happened over lifetimes of discovery.

Be sure to check out the IMAX movie theatre schedule that includes some Hollywood films after hours.

The perfect activity to do when the weather is not behaving.

ESCAPE etched into a block

4. Escapology Escape Room

Be sure to take your time but not to much to find all the clues and solve the mysteries.

With several different escape rooms to choose from, each theme has unique puzzles to solve.

Each room gives you a wonderful backstory to bring life into the mystery and depicts a scene that will toss you into a roll of one of the characters.

A favorite is the Scooby-Doo castle adventure.

Do not be fooled by the name, with a ton of clues, your imagination will be the piece of equipment that helps make sure the bad guy doesn’t get away with it.

You will be sure to find many different challenges at every door

Guitar shaped hotel in Hollywood, Florida just outside Fort Lauderdale

5. Hard Rock Guitar Hotel And Casino

This is a stunning modern architectural marvel! A perfect place to escape the rainy days.

The space inside opens up to incredible features bringing the outside in.

There are over 2,000 slots, and table games with real cards and dealers along with a 24/7 poker room.

More than a handful of restaurants to choose from and of course check out what is happening on stage at the Hard Rock Live.

This hall has been filled with world-famous comedians, A-list musicians, celebrity performances and nationally televised programs.

Make sure you stay till the sun goes down to enjoy the spectacular light show hosted on the side of the building.

6. Thermae Retreat

Take some time to take time. This is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Learn the power of heat and steam that help unlock your inner spiritual self.

We have all heard about yoga, meditation, and massages, but this will take you to the next level.

Try a sound bath to help reduce and release toxins.

A cold plunge increases energy levels and speeds up physical recovery.

The real winner is a nice long time alone in the saunas.

Let peace and quiet stretch over you as you truly immerse yourself in relaxation.

7. Float8 Wellness Lounge

If you haven’t done it…DO IT!!

An experience like nothing else on earth. You will float freely in a salt bath that is heated up to your body temperature.

This is almost like a zero-gravity feeling. It helps improve sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus, and many more great things.

It can be hard to let yourself fully relax while floating, trust us we know, but it is such a cool experience.

I’m sure you and Bea will feel happier and healthier once you complete this experience.

What better way to enjoy the rain than to get wet and completely let go.

They also have a relaxation room, so before and after you float you can unwind and prepare yourself for going back into the world.

8. Monster Mini Golf

This is just hands down fun. Start with 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

The interactive animated monsters are everywhere wiggling, talking, and moving.

The walls light up like magic with comical and Whitty artwork belonging to a local artist.

The perfect rainy day event, with or without kids.

9. Axe Throwing

This is your chance to become the lumberjack you have always wanted to be. Grab a cold beer and enjoy chucking sharpened weapons down range with the hope of hitting the bull’s eye.

This is a great social activity and a way to meet locals. Make it a competition and see who will be able to be consistent and an eagle eye. Place the right bet and Bea might be owing your dinner or dessert

10. NSU Art Museum

This is one of the most beautiful art museums/art galleries in Fort Lauderdale.

Day or night you will not want to miss this.

With many collections and a constant calendar of events what you see today might not be there tomorrow.

Take the tour that will help bring you closer to the art and artists featured in these exhibitions.

11. Indoor Rock Climbing

Just when you thought of Florida as the “Flat Lands”, gain some elevation when you hit one of the two rock climbing gyms in FTL.

Both gyms have top-rope routes, lead climbing (5.5- 5.13), and remarkable bouldering.

They have classes for a basic intro to climbing/belay to lead climbing classes and even personal one-on-one instruction.

You can bring your own gear or rent all equipment from chalk bags to a total gear package.

Climb up to get down when staying out of the rain with this FTL experience.

12. Xtreme Action Park

It’s all in the name and it truly is. Where to start…? Let’s take it to the track.

From your everyday go-kart experience to superkarts. Some of these karts can reach speeds of 60MPH!

To slow down your heart rate you might jump over to laser tag. Team up or go against each other as you navigate this labyrinth illuminated by black lights.

Check out the arcade games, bowling alleys, and even roller skating rink at Xtream Action Park. Still haven’t found anything to do?

Get harnessed up and try your luck with completing the ropes course. This will test your balance and skills to navigate from start to finish.

When you are finally ready to escape this world jump into the VR world.

That’s right, fight off aliens, save the princess and become the hero or take your adventure to the battlefields.

Take a ride on the XD Dark Ride 3-D. Grab one of the 8 seats that has 400 unique movements that puts you in the action of the movie.

This is a full body experience and every turn is unique to the riders helping you make it to the end.

So What Fun Things Do You Do In Fort Lauderdale On Rainy days?

We hope this list has given you some really good insight about the Sunshine State.

We all love the beach, sun and surf but we are never guaranteed it. Even with an average of 330 days of sunshine, you are still going to get rainy days.

These local attractions will help keep the smile on your face as you continue to explore and wander around Florida.

Does Fort Lauderdale have an aquarium

Fort Lauderdale kind of has an aquarium, it is actually the Museum of Discovery and Science, but they have an aquarium section that is worth checking out.

After all, it is South Florida and all about the ocean, so there should be somewhere you can go to learn about it.

Does Fort Lauderdale Get A Lot Of Rain?

Yes, Fort Lauderdale can get a lot of rain, especially in the rainy season which runs from May – November. If you are planning a trip during this time it will most likely rain at least once during your trip.

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