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14 Best Sunflower Fields in Florida

Are you looking for a beautiful sunflower field in Florida?

This list was created to help you find sunflower farms, fields and fresh farm produce.

Don’t miss this perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy shots.

Gardening is a year-round hobby that we have started since living full-time in the Sunshine State and we have much love for Sunflowers, growing and visiting.

We hope that this list will help you find something relaxing, exciting, and even romantic.

Enjoy the days spent in a unique and unexpected paradise in Florida.

Smile, it’s contagious 🙂

Map Of The Most Beautiful Sunflower Fields In Florida

Close up of a sunflower field

1. Harvestmoon Fun Farm – Near Tampa

Get ready to be dazzled at the Harvestmoon Fun Farm.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Tampa, central Florida is a sunflower haven.

A true sight for sore eyes.

Each year the farm turns into a sea of golden sunflowers, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you spellbound.

The radiant sunflowers stretch as far as the eye can see and will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a Van Gogh painting!

The farm also offers fun activities like a corn maze and petting zoo.

Head on down and immerse yourself in the beauty of Harvestmoon Fun Farm.

Bright Yellow Sunflower blooming in Florida

2. Sweet Fields Farm – Near Tampa

Pack your bags and prepare for a sun-soaked adventure at the.

Sweet Fields Farm is situated close to Tampa.

This beautiful farm is a sunflower paradise you won’t want to miss.

Every year the farm explodes into a vibrant sea of golden sunflowers, creating an awe-inspiring scene that will take your breath away.

Just imagine the rows upon rows of towering sunflowers with their bright yellow faces following the sun across the sky.

It’s not just about the sunflowers though – the farm is also home to a variety of fun-filled activities like a hayride and a corn maze.

Get ready to embrace the joyous beauty of Sweet Fields Farm.

2 sunflowers with a blue sky

3. Southern Hill Farms – Near Orlando

Grab your camera and venture out to the enchanting Southern Hill Farms.

The majestic sunflower fields near Orlando are a serene retreat that will uplift your spirits.

Every year, Southern Hill Farms transforms into a golden paradise of sunflowers, presenting a captivating spectacle that will make your heart flutter.

Picture yourself strolling through rows of stunning sunflowers with their cheerful faces tracking the sun’s journey through the sky.

But that’s not all! The farm also offers a plethora of enjoyable activities.

From blueberry picking to tractor rides you will remember that there is more to Orlando besides theme parks.

So dive into the spellbinding beauty of Southern Hill Farms.

sunflower field with sunset, colorful

4. Felicia’s Farm – Near Miami

Get ready to turn your sunflower dreams into a reality at Felicia’s Farm!

Nestled in South Florida, this farm is a real hidden gem boasting acres of brilliant, towering sunflowers.

With their cheerful yellow petals reaching for the Florida sunshine, it’s a sight that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

The farm is also home to a delightful farmer’s market, brimming with freshly picked produce.

So why wait? Pull on your favorite summer hat, grab your camera, and prepare for a sun-soaked adventure at Felicia’s Farm!

sunflowers with a blue sky

5. Graham’s U-Pick Farm – Near Orlando

Let your sunflower dreams come alive at Graham’s U-Pick Farm.

Known for its vast and vibrant sunflower fields, Graham Farms promises an unforgettable experience for all nature lovers.

Their sunflowers stand tall and proud, basking in the sunshine, ready to offer the warmest of welcomes.

And the best part? You get to pick your own!

Yes, that’s right, you can take a piece of this sun-kissed paradise home with you.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, as the photo opportunities are endless in this sunny haven.

2 sunflowers with a blue background

6. Sledd’s U-Pick Farm – Near Orlando

Step into a world of golden hues at Sledd’s U-Pick Farm near Orlando.

This farm is a photographer’s dream!

With waves of stunning sunflowers stretching as far as the eye can see you will get lost in the vibrant yellow and blue sky’s.

Take a leisurely stroll through the sunflower fields, breathe in the fresh country air, and bask in the glory of these sun-loving blooms.

Aside from the glorious sunflowers, the farm also offers a delightful U pick sunflowers experience.

So, grab a basket and start picking your favorite sunflowers to bring home!

Experience the simple pleasures of life at Sledd’s U-Pick Farm – it’s a sunflower lover’s dream come true.

sunflower bouquet

7. Stanley Pond Adventure Farm – Near Orlando

Adventure awaits you at Stanley Pond Adventure Farms.

A treasure trove of fun-filled activities and stunning sceneries.

Located near Orlando, this farm is a must-visit for those seeking a unique blend of thrill and tranquility.

Picture this: vibrant sunflower fields stretching out to the azure sky, providing a perfect backdrop for your memorable selfies.

The farm also offers a spectrum of activities, from hayrides and maze games to fishing and pedal karting.

And yes, you can also pick your own sunflowers!

It’s time to pack your day with joy, laughter, and lots of sunflowers at Stanley Pond Adventure Farm.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and an adventurous spirit!

woman in sunflower field

8. The Berry Farms – Near Miami

Step into a sunflower fairy tale at The Berry Farms.

Located just a short drive from Miami, Berry Farms is known for its radiant sunflower fields and tasty selection of berries.

One of the few local farms that are within driving distance from home. This is our favorite South Florida sunflower field. Mainly because it is the best one that is a close drive from home.

This farm offers a unique combination of natural beauty and delightful flavors.

Are you ready to stroll through golden blooms while munching on deliciously ripe berries?

Make sure to bring along your camera to capture the magical moments you’ll undoubtedly experience.

This could be one of the best couples activities in Miami.

Come on over to The Berry Farms, where nature’s bounty and beauty blend seamlessly together.

9. Mick Farms Sunflower Field – Near Orlando

Get ready to experience a sunflower symphony at Mick Farms.

Located near Orlando, Mick Farms’ sunflower field is a spectacle to behold.

Acres of sunny yellow blooms stand tall against the clear blue sky, waving gently in the breeze.

And yes, you guessed it right – they have U pick crops, where you can pick your own sunflowers here!

What a joy it is to wander amongst these sunny giants, selecting your favorites to take home.

Come soak in the sunshine at Mick Farms, where every day feels like a sunflower festival!

close up sunflower in field

10. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market – Near West Palm Beach

Get ready for a day of sunflower-filled fun at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market!

Situated near beautiful West Palm Beach, this farm is a sunflower paradise, brimming with these golden blooms.

The farm offers you the unique opportunity to pick your own sunflowers and take a piece of this sunshine-filled adventure home with you.

But don’t stop at the sunflowers – Bedner’s is renowned for its fresh produce market.

So, why wait?

Grab your sun hat and head to Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market for an unforgettable sunflower experience.

11. Hunsader Farms – Near Tampa

Brace yourself for an unforgettable farm adventure.

Nestled near Tampa, Hunsader Farms is an emblem of pristine countryside charm, renowned for its vibrant and gorgeous sunflower fields.

A joy to behold, with sunflowers reaching for the clear, blue skies singing the song of nature’s splendor.

And the best part? Sunflower picking!

Create an intimate bond with nature, and take a piece of this radiant beauty back home.

Alongside sunflowers, Hunsader also boasts a farmer’s market stocked with the freshest farm produce.

It’s time to put on your boots, grab your baskets, and bask in the golden glory of sunflowers.

sunflower close up in a field

12. Jimmy Mc’s Sunflower Farm – Near Tampa

Get ready to submerge yourself in a sea of yellow at Jimmy Mc’s Sunflower Farm.

Nestled not far from Tampa, this farm is a sunflower lover’s dream come true.

Not only can you enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the expansive sunflower fields, but you can also take part in the thrill of picking your own beautiful blooms.

Jimmy Mc’s is more than just a farm, it’s a sun-kissed, smile-inducing, joy-filled sunflower extravaganza.

sunflower bouquets, a lot

13. Strawberry Fields Of Kendall – Near Miami

Get ready to paint your day with the vibrant hues of nature at the Strawberry Fields of Kendall.

Located conveniently close to Miami, this farm offers more than just a berry good time.

As the name suggests, you can pick your own fresh, juicy strawberries but that’s just the beginning.

This farm also boasts a breathtaking field of sunflowers adding a splash of sunshine to your day.

Revel in the beauty of these towering blooms as you stroll through and pick a few to bring that sunshine home with you.

Strawberry Fields of Kendall is more than just a farm, it’s your passport to a nature-filled, joyous, and absolutely unforgettable adventure.

This can also be a great spot to propose in Miami if you are looking to make your trip even more special.

14. Amazing Grace Family Farms – Near Jacksonville

Just a stone’s throw from Jacksonville is this fantastic farm that promises a day of fun, sunshine, and laughter.

Get ready to be swept off your feet at Amazing Grace Family Farms!

From picking your own strawberries to exploring the expansive fields, there’s nothing quite like the charm of Amazing Grace Family Farms.

Don’t forget to say hello to the friendly farm animals or try some of their homemade country treats.

This is a romantic getaway in Florida you will not want to miss.

Come create unforgettable memories at Amazing Grace Family Farms, where the warm sun, fresh air, and vibrant fields are sure to leave you spellbound.

2 sunflowers with a blue background

Best Time Of Year To Visit Sunflower Fields In Florida

Sunflower season in Florida is truly a sight to behold but timing is everything.

Generally, the best time to visit these radiant fields is during the summer months.

Spring season starts the planting and potting.

Between June and August, the sunflowers are in full bloom.

However, the exact timings can vary slightly from farm to farm.

It’s always a good idea to check with the specific location for the peak blooming period where their brilliant yellow petals create a breathtaking landscape.

Don’t miss this unexpected, joy-filled summer spectacle.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to capture some unforgettable photographs and create cherished memories.

Outfit Ideas for Sunflower Field Pictures

Oh, the joy of taking pictures in a sunflower field!

It’s an experience filled with sunshine, laughter, and stunning photo opportunities.

But what to wear for those worthy snaps? Let’s dive in!

  1. Color Pop: Since sunflowers are a vibrant yellow, colors like blue, green, or purple can create a stunning contrast. Think a lovely lavender sundress or a forest-green jumpsuit!
  2. Classic White: You can never go wrong with a timeless white dress. It’s simple, chic, and allows the sunflowers to be the center of attention.
  3. Denim Delight: A denim dress or a pair of well-fitted jeans with a vibrant top can give your pictures a rustic, down-to-earth feel.
  4. Boho Chic: Embrace the bohemian spirit with flowy dresses, lace, and intricate patterns. A straw hat would add to this carefree, whimsical look.
  5. Patterns and Prints: Polka dots, stripes, or floral prints can add an extra layer of visual interest. Just be sure they don’t overshadow the beauty of the sunflowers.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. After all, your radiant smile will always be the best accessory in any sunflower field picture!

girl in sunflower field

Tips for Taking Pictures in Sunflower Fields

When it comes to capturing the magic of sunflower fields, a few simple tips can make a world of difference:

  1. Time of Day: To avoid harsh shadows and overly saturated pictures, consider shooting during the golden hours – early morning or late evening.
  2. Play with Perspective: Don’t limit yourself to standing shots. Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try close-ups of the flowers, or lie on the ground and shoot upwards.
  3. Pop of Color: Wearing outfits with colors that contrast with the vibrant yellow of the sunflowers can make your photos pop. Think blues, whites, or even a bold red!
  4. Utilize the Sun: Sunflowers always face the sun, so use this to your advantage. Position the sun behind you while shooting to illuminate the faces of the flowers.
  5. Natural Poses: Allow for candid shots where you’re interacting with the environment – smelling the flowers, walking through the field, or laughing with loved ones.
  6. Respect the Field: While getting that perfect shot, remember to respect the field. Don’t trample or pick the sunflowers.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to create unforgettable sunflower field photos!

Tips For Visiting Sunflower Fields In Florida

Oh boy, you’re in for a treat when you visit the sunflower fields in Florida.

To make sure you have the absolute best time, here are a few tips.

  1. Don’t forget your sunscreen and hats – those Florida rays can be intense!
  2. Secondly, wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. You’re going to be walking around fields, after all!
  3. Remember to respect the plants – no picking flowers unless it’s permitted by the farm you’re visiting.
  4. Bring your camera along for sure, those endless fields of sunflowers make for a picture-perfect moment.
  5. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the moment. The blooming of the sunflowers is a special event and it’s worth taking the time to breathe in the fresh air and admire the vibrant colors.
sunflower field

In conclusion

Visiting a sunflower field in Florida is an experience like no other.

It’s a visual feast with endless golden blooms under the bright Florida sun.

With gorgeous sunflowers and warm weather, you will love this experience.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, nature lover, or simply in need of a joyful day out, these sun-kissed fields are a must-visit.

So grab your camera, put on your favorite hat, smear on some sunscreen and step into the sunflower fields of Florida – let the magic unfold!

Do sunflowers grow well in Florida?

Sunflowers grow and do well in Florida.
There are a few native variations of sunflowers that are easy to grow and maintain in Florida’s heat.
Sunflowers grow in a wide range of sizes and colors.

What month do you plant sunflowers in?

Sunflowers can bloom year-round in Florida making any month, a great month for sunflower planting.
There are cold snaps between November and February that might cause your plants to struggle.
Look for a nice spot with full sun and enjoy the beautiful colors

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